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WeEn Semiconductors Co., Ltd - WeEn Semiconductors Co., Ltd, is the global joint venture between NXP Semiconductors N.V. and Beijing JianGuang Asset Management Co. Ltd (JAC Capital). WeEn Semiconductors was officially opened on 19th January, 2016 with the business and operations center located in Shanghai, China. WeEn Semiconductors is registered at Nanchang city which is the capital city of Jiangxi province, China. It fully owns subsidiaries and branches in Jilin city for bipolar production, in Shanghai and the United Kingdom for R&D and production support, in Hong Kong for Sales activities, and in many other countries for sales and customer services, respectively. +More As a key player in the semiconductors industry, WeEn combines the advanced bipolar power technology and the strong resource of JAC Capital in Chinese manufacturing industry and distribution channels, to focus on developing a complete portfolio of industry-leading bipolar power products including silicon controlled rectifiers, power diodes, high voltage transistors, silicon carbide which are widely used in the automotive, telecommunications, computers and consumer electronics, intelligent home appliances, lighting, and power management markets. The aim is to help the customers achieve higher cost-efficiency and production efficiency and to contribute to the development of China and global intelligent manufacturing. The NXP Bi-Polar Division product portfolio (Diodes, Thyristors & Transistors) has been transferred to WeEn Semiconductors (Jan 19, 2017). -Less

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